Miss Ridley & the Warlock

Gemma Ridley’s first encounter with Squire Kenrik proves nothing short of alarming. So much so, she considers fleeing back to the city, despite the fact only poverty and scandal await her there. Could those challenges be worse than staying as governess on a haunted estate and working for a dangerously handsome eccentric?

Little does Gemma realize what dark secrets and wondrous enchantments will transform her life at Rook Hall. Squire Kenrik is more than he seems—more than any man she has known. He may be the source of her undoing, or he may hold the key to her deepest desires. Only time and the guidance of her heart will tell.


Dragon Clan

The Complete Trilogy

*** The Dragon Clan trilogy was first published in 2014 and 2015 with The Wild Rose Press. Minor revisions have been made to this new edition. ***

Embark on an epic journey of magic, adventure, and romance. Follow three generations of dragon shifters as they live, love, and fight to protect their clan.

Book One: Dragon Wife

Book Two: Dragon Warrior

Book Three: Dragon Soul


The Dream Seller's Wares

Short Stories & Poems

***April 2019*** After six years and several books published, Ms. Green has re-released The Dream Seller's Wares, her earliest collection of fantasy and science fiction short stories. This updated version has been streamlined, polished, and enhanced with a selection of poems.***

Tales of Discovery, Transformation, and Wonder

A scientist exploring a distant planet finds something eerily familiar.
A young woman unlocks unimaginable powers to save the man she loves.
A rebel, on a prison ship, is given a dangerous chance at freedom.
A boy tries to lure the little folk into fixing his parents' marriage.
A mother risks everything to find her abducted daughter.
One alien battles another in the grueling rite of Ascension.
A young woman is challenged to marry a god, or sacrifice her village.
A community tries to defeat the deadly grip of an unnatural winter.
A desperate fugitive seeks sanctuary within a forbidden forest.
A healer must banish the vengeful spirit of a witch, but all is not as it seems.

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